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"Pressure" is a short independent sci-fi/action film set in a steampunk San Francisco that never was. In a hierarchical society, Cog is an overworked steam plant employee dealing with the recent loss of his wife, a rebellious teenager, and mounting pressure at his job at SF Steam and Pressure, which was ultimately responsible for the death of his wife. He has challenged himself to develop a warning system which he must complete before he and his daughter can plan an escape in their airship on a journey to see the sun.

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Written and Directed by Michelle Prevost
Produced by Ilena Ferrer
Starring Cassidy Jamahl Brown and Laila Danielle Shaker




In Current Release

Baby Snatchers ( Science fiction )

In the near future, at 8:34 in the evening, as a mother is laying her newborn down to sleep, she suddenly hears a loud crack and a hum. Out of nowhere a mysterious man appears. The man reaches down and picks up the baby and with a flash, disappears into nowhere. The mother SCREAMS...

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This one minute trailer is for the movie Baby Snatchers which premieres Nov 5, 2011. Time travelers from the future are taking our babies! Why?


Saturday, November 5 ·  3:00pm -  6:00pm
Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA

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Come see the fruits of our labor at the 15th Scary Cow Film Festival. You'll get to see over a dozen independent short films produced right here in SF, and at the end you get to vote for your favorites to help us win $ for our future films!

Time: 3-7pm with intermission from 4:30-5:30
Price: $15, kids free, $25 for a ticket + after party (includes wine & 2 delicious taco truck tacos)

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French Kiss

A fun little movie about our trip to Paris


In Preproduction

Time Traveling with Mom ( Documentary )

Shelly Prevost's Mom died after suffering for many years with Alzheimer's disease. Before her mother's disease had progressed too far,  Shelly would spend every Wed. night having a piece of pie and a cup of hot tea.  Shelly would tell her Mom stories that she could no longer remember and they would both laugh. After her Mom  past, Shelly wonder what she had missed by not being able to hear her mom tell her own stories from her memories. While researching memory loss she stumble on a technique called "memory retrieval stimuli" . This technique uses something, e.g. smell of hot apple pie, to trigger a memory that was very difficult if not impossible to bring back on its own. Further, the memory is the same as when it was recorded, e.g. as a small child. That is why you remember things much bigger from your childhood than they really are. Shelly takes the artifacts of her Mother's estate to stimulate memories from her past and go back in time and get a better perspective of her Mom.

Other Reel Freedom Films

Trained in the Ways of Men ( Documentary )

In October 2002, her picture appeared to the nation, from CNN to the New York Times, her sultry eyes seeming to tease us to discover who she is.  "Please don't. I have a family..." were her last words. When four men discover that 17 year old Gwen Araujo, the girl with which they had been intimate was biologically male, they beat and strangle her to death. Unable to contain their secret, they are arrested for the murder 2 weeks later. They claim they acted in the heat of passion, provoked by what they see as Gwen's deceit. They ask for a verdict of manslaughter which could reduce the sentence to as little as four years. The prosecutor demands 1st degree murder. This film follows the real life drama of the case that attracted famous attorneys, spawned a made for TV movie, compelled almost 1000 people to attend Gwen Araujo's memorial service and thousands more to march in the streets demanding justice. As we uncover more about Gwen, the film also explores the provocative complexities of gender identity - what does it mean to be a man or a woman? How do we react when our expectations are violated?

Isn't it Obvious? ( Documentary ) Won Best Documentary Miami Film Festival

At a party in Newark CA , a blue collar suburb of Gay friendly San Francisco , a seventeen year old youth named Gwen Araujo, was confronted by four angry men. They demanded to know if she was a man or a woman. How could she explain about herself in terms they would understand? She replied “Isn’t It Obvious?” They allegedly beat her, dragged her into a garage, and strangled her, before disposing of her body in a remote location 150 miles away. This movie shows her family’s pain as her mother gives an impassioned plea for acceptance of gender different people. It shows the community’s anger and grief as they participate in the funeral and marches. A brief glimpse is given of Gwen life as she grows into self-acceptance.